Garage Liability Insurance Florida

Garage liability provides protection for bodily injury and property damage claims for which your dealership is held liable. Garage Liability is the back bone of any automobile dealer's insurance program. Structured as a hybrid of automobile liability and premises liability, this essential protection is normally required by the Florida DMV to comply with license requirements.

Physical Damage coverage insures a dealer for loss to their vehicle inventory caused perils such as collision, theft, vandalism, fire and weather. Also known as Dealer's Open Lot Coverage (DOL), inventory coverage, Dealer's Blanket or Floor Plan Insurance, this coverage is often required by lenders and floor planners under the terms of their contracts.

Surety Bond

The State of Florida requires Motor Vehicle Dealers to post a surety bond prior to obtaining their dealer's license. This bond is a financial instrument that guarantees the dealer will comply with the terms of any written contract as it applies to the sale or exchange of a motor vehicle. The bond also guarantees that the dealer will comply with the governing laws of the state in which the dealer's license is issued.

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