Ways To Lower Your Insurance Rate


Everyone wants to save money, but are you taking the right steps to set yourself up for success when it comes to lowering your insurance rates? Here at AltaVista Insurance we have over 20 car carriers that we go through. With more carriers, the chances of you receiving a lower rate increases! We shop around to get you the coverage you want, for the lowest price possible. But, there are additional steps you can take to lower your rates that are simply up to you to do. Below are different discounts offered in Florida: 


  • Enrolling in Autopay for your payments lowers your rate every month

  • Having an anti-lock brake system in your car for safety 

  • Being a homeowner gets you a discount on your insurance

  • Having no lapse in coverage from previous insurance 

  • Going paperless for your insurance documents will lower your rate. All documents will be emailed to you instead of direct mail.

  • Being a student with a good GPA can get you a discount on your insurance. This is important because with younger people their insurance rates are usually higher due to lack of driving experience. 

  • Safe driver discount is also a discount that will lower your insurance rate. Typically, in Florida if you go 5 years without an accident or a traffic violation you can qualify for this discount.

  • Completing a defensive driving course will get you a discount! There are some stipulations about this discount as it is only good for three years, can only be applied to one car typically, and also the driver must not get into any accidents or get any traffic violations for it to remain on your policy. However, completing this course could save you on average $100 per year.


Overall, there are many discounts offered to people in Florida and if you qualify for any of them, make sure that you are receiving a discount on your current policy. Also, be sure to shop around every 6 months for your insurance to see if you can qualify for a lower monthly rate! Call us today to get a FREE QUOTE. Our staff is ready to give you the quality service that you deserve. 


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